producing and distributing media for a world yet to come
// for a zero-hour workday //
for the end of landlords, borders, and boredom.

NEW RELEASE: Willem van Spronsen’s Final Message

After reading the last words of Willem van Spronsen, we were overwhelmed by a sense that they should be plastered across every visible surface on earth. Here’s the beginning of our modest attempts to make that a reality.

NEW RELEASE: What is Policing?

We're putting out this text as part of Building the Commune, a Chicago discussion group in the midst of its summer/fall reading series. Our hope is to better understand the real function and operation of policing, leading to a stronger ability to strategize against the entire world that policing entails.


LEVELLER will examine our crumbling existence and determine how to create a life worth living. We intend to construct the tools and ideas necessary to expand our reach into every overlooked corner of the world.