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What is Policing?

We’re putting out this text as part of Building the Commune, a Chicago discussion group in the midst of its summer/fall reading series. Our hope is to better understand the real function and operation of policing, leading to a stronger ability to strategize against the entire world that policing entails.

Building the Commune has lately been focused on the unstable potential of the near future – civil war and insurgency, the collapse of global order and governance, and how these things might matter (or manifest themselves) in the context of our city.

Both of the pieces we’ve collected here are from author Tom Nomad, who has produced some extremely useful writing on (counter-)insurgency. We pulled these excerpts from The Master’s Tools: Warfare and Insurgent Possibility, which you can read here. For even more on the subject, we recommend both volumes of the journal Insurgencies – find them over at Little Black Cart or wherever fine e-books are pirated.

Where to Find It

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We’re always hoping to reach people in the real world, outside the bubble of our social media connections. We left some copies at a few spots in one Chicago neighborhood – you can see a map of those first locations below. If you want to know when and where we’re dropping things in the future, join us in our social media bubble on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook.